UX / UI Design Project - Case Study

Project Overview

This is a UX/UI Project for Be My Fridge. The idea is to create an app for a convenient and efficient refrigerator organizer. The app, Be My Fridge helps users add, shop, and organize their groceries easily. The efficient way of organizing inventory will lead to saving money and a healthy lifestyle. 



Organizing a fridge can be challenging on a busy day. Sometimes it is hard to know if you had a certain item in the refrigerator. You end up wasting so much food and money. 



The solution is to use an app that helps you organize and manage your groceries in the refrigerator. The app displays a list of items in the fridge and notifies expired items. You can also shop via the app when things are

low in stock. 

User Research


User Persona

User Task Flow

Task 1.  Add new items  

Task 2. Organize the refrigerator

Task 3. Get News and Tips

Task 4. Shop Groceries

Low -Fidelity Wireframes

High -Fidelity Wireframes

User Test