NASA Sponsored Design Project


Project Overview

​​This is a collaborative project of Industrial Design and a UX/UI Design project sponsored by NASA. The goal of this project is to reimagine the Astro-B robot in the future. The future Astro-B is redesigned to be a future space travel robot to assist tourists in the ISS. 


m13_Ashley_Yeo_Space Jam -11.jpg

User Persona

m13_Ashley_Yeo_Space Jam -12.jpg

About Astro-B

High-Fidelity Prototypes

There are seven features in Astro-B. Each feature has unique user interface design. All the wireframes are available in the Full Version File. 

m13_Ashley_Yeo_Space Jam -14.jpg


space jam nasa presentation-8.jpg

Clickable Prototype

The recorded prototypes display different features of Astro-B.