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Art To Space

UX / UI Design - Case Study


Project Overview

The purpose of this project is to provide a digital

platform for artists to find places to show their artwork. Commercial venues such as restaurants, cafes, and bars can participate in inviting local artists to promote their business. The Art To Space app will also call for artists in the cultural festivals and outdoor farmer’s markets. Connecting artists to space and space to artists can create a culturally dynamic and abundant atmosphere in the community.

Project Type: UX/UI Design Case Study     
Role: UX Research, Visual Design,    
Duration: Feb  - May 2021   
Tool: Figma, Adobe XD, InVision, Adobe Illustrator



Space for displaying artwork is difficult to find and not many galleries are available in the community.  Young artists want to grow their artist community and network with local artists. It is difficult to find what art shows are out there and make an organized list of events to attend. 


Art To Space app can find space for an art display by contacting the available venues and spaces.  The user connects with featured artists and organizes a group show. The app has an interactive map of current art events and can be saved.  

Target Audience Research

Web image .jpg

User Research

Space for displaying artwork is difficult to find and not many galleries are available in the community. Jasmine thinks that finding an available space online freely would give her more opportunities to showcase her work. She thinks it could be helpful to view a list of open spots for art display on a visual map or a list. Once Jasmine finds what outdoor and indoor spaces  are available, she can contact the space to reserve a spot.

Web image 2.jpg


Yeo_Ashley_Slideshow_Version1 copy.jpg

User Task Flow


Task 1. The user finds space for an art display and sends a request to the vendor owner.   

Task 2. The user connects with featured artists and organizes a group show. 

Task 3. The user views a map of current art events and saves the art event. 

Web image 3.jpg
Web image 4.jpg
Web image 5.jpg

Low-Fidelity Wireframes​

Screen Shot 2021-07-13 at 3.21.53 PM.png

Style Guide

Yeo_Ashley_Slideshow_Version1 copy2.jpg

Logo Design Ideas

art to space logo-6-06.png
Final art to space logo-02.png

High-Fidelity Wireframes

Below is an example of Task 1. Wireframes. Task 1 is to "find space for art display." There are 3 sets of high-fidelity wireframes developed in this project.

Yeo_Ashley_Slideshow_Final v1_Page_66.jpg
Yeo_Ashley_Slideshow_Final v1_Page_67.jpg
Yeo_Ashley_Slideshow_Final v1_Page_68.jpg
Yeo_Ashley_Slideshow_Final v1_Page_69.jpg
Yeo_Ashley_Slideshow_Final v1_Page_69.jpg

Usability Testing

After the user test, a scroll-down bar has been added. The Notification Icon is highlighted when the page is selected. When swiping left to right, the selected event on the map gets highlighted.


Clickable Prototypes

Task 1. Find Space

Task 2. Connect with artists and schedule a group show

Task 3. Save art events to attend

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